Groomer Volunteers His Time and Services at an NYC Shelter Doing Badly Needed Makeovers

5.3.17 Mark Imhof

Mark Imhof, AKA The Dog Guy, gives much needed makeovers to shelter dogs up for adoption so they always can put their most adorable paw forward!

A Crusader for Good: Denise Lauffer Rescues the Abandoned & Lost

denise dunoed chihuachua

Denise Lauffer is the very definition of selflessness with her efforts to save animals that are discarded, lost, or found stray in Highbridge Park.

Sgt. Stubby the Great American War Dog Musical Coming to Off-Broadway


If you’re in NYC mid-November, like American history, heroic military dogs, and something fun for the whole family, check out this musical about Sgt. Stubby.