Michigan Shelter Hosts Pajama Parties to Help Their Animals Get Adopted

“The part I love the most is saying goodnight to the animals. We tiptoe around the shelter and the kids say, ‘I hope you are adopted tomorrow,’ and ‘I love you.’”

Meet The Rescue Dog Who “Saved” Andy Cohen!

TV producer and personality Andy Cohen is the proud owner of a shelter dog. He wants everyone to know the positive impact that loving Wacha has had on his life.

Shelter Pets: You, Too, Can Be Their Plan B

This video really says it all when it comes to how much joy a shelter pet can bring into your life. Shelter animals are looking for a forever home each and every day in this country. If you are looking at getting a new pet, we encourage you to visit your local rescue or shelter first. There are lots of people looking for lots of great family pets. How wonderful when we can bring those that want to love together with those that want to be loved? Think adoption.