Sheriff Adopts a Rescue Puppy for a Senior Citizen Whose Dog Was Killed

4.5.17 Sheriff Gives a Rescue Puppy to a Man Whose Dog Was Killed4

“The Sheriff picked up Lovebug last night from a rescue in southern Wisconsin. They got home late, so Lovebug spent the night at the Sheriff’s house…” <3

Cupid, a Valentine’s Day Miracle

2.14.17 Cupid A Valentines Day Miracle7

“He can now relax, recover and enjoy the best humans’ kindness, proving once again those doing good will always outnumber those doing harm.”

UPDATE:  Dog Whose Leg Was Shattered by a Bullet Reunited With Officer Who Saved His Life

10.21.16 Update on Jack5

“This will be the first time that Officer Tammy will be reunited with Jack… If Tammy hadn’t put Jack in her squad car he would never have made it.”

Dog Dedicates Life to Giving Everyone He Meets a High-Five After Surviving Being Shot in the Head

6.27.16 MartyFEAT

Marty may have been shot in the head by a human, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost any faith in them, and only wants to make someone smile. Could he be for you?