Homeless, Cancer-Stricken Dog Waits Patiently for a Forever Family to Save Him

1.30.17 sick dogFEAT

“It’s possible he is out of time, or he has limited time… Either way he deserves to live the rest of his life, safe, loved, warm and cared for.”

NHL Coach Misses All-Star Game to Be With His Sick Dog


Tortorella, along with this wife, runs the The John and Christine Tortorella Foundation which, among other things, helps neglected and abused animals.

Mercy’s Family Couldn’t Care for Her Special Needs, So They Kept Her Tied Up Outside

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“We are trying everything we can for her. We are praying for a miracle,” said Valley Rescue of Virginia.

Woman Brings Home Sick Senior Shelter Dog for Hospice and Is Surprised By Miracle Recovery

12.11.16 LolaFEAT

“She started to just kind of give up. She quit eating and eventually was just laying around,” she said. “So I took her home.”