Teenager saves dog from icy river

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Brady Mulligan and his friends were hanging out by the Saugatuck River in Rhode Island when Brady became a hero and saved a dog’s life.

Monday Brady was hanging out with his friends by the river when he noticed two dogs walk onto the ice. Then one of the dogs fell in. Brady immediately rushed over to check on the dogs.  “My first reaction was to run over and see what happened,” said Brady. “I found a canoe on the side of a guy’s house, and I ended up taking it out and saving the dog.”

It wasn’t an easy rescue as the dog, named Clinton, was scared. When Brady initially picked the Clinton out of the water it bit him and jumped back in. Brady didn’t give up though and managed to grab Clinton again and bring him safely into the canoe. Brady wanted to make sure Clinton was warm and held him to his chest leaving him unable to row the canoe back to shore. Firefighters arrived to help bring the teen and the dog safely to shore.

Clinton’s owner, Peter Himmel, doesn’t believe his dog would be alive if it weren’t for Brady. Himmel will forever be grateful to Brady for his efforts. “These are our family,” Himmel said. “My wife and I, and these two dogs are our family.”

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  1. Thanks for proving there’s still good people in this world and saving this precious baby’s life..and risking your own..god bless you and hope the precious dog is going to be alright now…happy days!!!


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