Dog surrendered to shelter and facing death because owner believes he’s gay

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When a male dog mounts another male dog it is not a sign of homosexuality but often a sign of dominance. One uninformed owner in Tennessee surrendered his dog to an overcrowded animal shelter because he believed his dog to be gay after he noticed him “hunched over” another male dog. Now the dog has just hours to be saved from being put down by the shelter.

The dog, believed to be an American bulldog mix, was surrendered to an overcrowded animal shelter in Jackson, Tennessee.  The Jackson Rabies Control has scheduled to put down the dog today January 31st by 1 p.m. if not adopted since he was surrendered by his owner.  The shelter will open at 9 a.m. today and the adoption fee is $38. The shelter is location is as follows:


Jackson Rabies Control

146 Miller Avenue

Jackson, Tennessee

Phone: 731-668-4211


The dog is being kept in Kennel 10L.


There are only hours left to save this dog. Please share this information to help save his life.

46 thoughts on “Dog surrendered to shelter and facing death because owner believes he’s gay”

    • Dog was surrendered to an over-crowded (probably under-funded and over-taxed, too) shelter. There’s no any point holding the *shelter* responsible here.

  1. Is there some way funds can be set up to save this guy. Those of us in another state can’t get to him in time. Please let’s do something to save him.

    • I hope and pray that we all can help this dog and many more like him! And that we can share our knowledge about dogs and their way of being so to avoid stupidity like this.

  2. People have to contact the shelter to extend his time, try and find someone from CT to foster him until someone get to him and give him a loving and healthy home…. I would if I could..

  3. I contacted Pit Bulls and Parolees… I am not sure who else to contact…. Such a SAD story!!! We already have 2 dogs and live too far away anyhow to help out 🙁
    The previous owner should be ashamed of himself!

    • i also e-mailed tia i hope this little guy gets saved. i would take him but i now have 3 dogs and my female bull jack is the alpha in the house. i now have to seperate my other 2 from her thay are small poodles. keep our fingers crossed this one gets saved.

  4. Could the author please update this article with the current whereabouts of this dog?? There are people who want to adopt him but the shelter is apparently not answering calls so no one knows where he is. There are comments saying he has for now been picked up by TN Death Row dogs in Spring Hill TN and another that said a Chicago rescue group picked him up for now … If you post details, there are people willing to drive long distance to get him


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