Teen’s Dog Helps Her Overcome a Lifetime of Bullying

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Because of relentless bullying, a Tennessee teen was forced to resort to homeschooling.  She was tormented because of her love for animals, but now Brittney Monk is using her love for her dog Dodge to prevail over the bullies who stole her happiness and peace of mind.

Brittney calls her Jack Russell terrier brilliant, and says he can perform over 200 tricks.  Training him has helped her build confidence.

“He’s helped me, emotionally, through a lot,” the 17-year-old told WVLT.


5.14.15 - Teen’s Dog Helps Her Overcome a Lifetime of Bullying3


She’s always loved drawing all sorts of animals, and was ridiculed by other kids.

“Everywhere I went, it wouldn’t matter who it was, I don’t even know the people, they would come and say to me, ‘you’re cat girl,’ or ‘you’re an animal freak’ or something.”

Her mother, Carlisa Farmer, opted to withdraw her daughter from school.

“I can’t go to school anymore – I need something else because I can’t – I was depressed a lot,” Brittney said.


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“They [doctors] want to put her on some medication – I’m not doing that,” Carlisa explained.

Brittney’s grandparents gave her the puppy as a gift.  With no other friends, the little dog became an exceptional companion.

“Training him brings a smile to my face,” Brittney said.  “He wants to do these things, and wants to be with me.”

Carlisa is happy they’ve got each other.


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“She takes him everywhere… he goes fishing with her, she throws him in the lake – he’s got his own life jacket – and he’s her best friend.”

Brittney has spent many hours training Dodge, and doing so has helped her gain the confidence needed to confront her persecutors.

“I want to show everyone how amazing our bond is together, and show everyone who said I was an animal freak for loving animals is wrong and I can do this – I have my purpose now.”

To see more of Dodge, check out his Facebook page.


5.14.15 - Teen’s Dog Helps Her Overcome a Lifetime of Bullying2



54 thoughts on “Teen’s Dog Helps Her Overcome a Lifetime of Bullying”

  1. Love to see stories like this. My favorite people are my pets. My kid has paws. Trust them and they return your love two fold.

  2. In looking at her drawings, this girl has talent! It is a shame that the only “friend” she has is Dodge, but she should know that he is a life-long friend and will never desert her. Those who bullied her should have such friends! You go girl!

  3. your dog is awesome!!!!!! so sorry that you were bullied……..kids just don’t know any better………..but glad you and Dodge are such great friends! loved watching the video!

  4. Brittney – I commend you and I hope you read all these positive comments. Please consider becoming a Veterinarian. You are wonderful with dogs and I’m sure you would do amazing as a Vet.

    BTW Brittney, I am 40 years old and am a successful business woman, married with no kids, but have 2 dogs. People tease me all the time about me not having children, but adoring my 2 dogs and taking care of them as if they were my children. They are my dog children and I don’t let people’s teasing bother me at all. This experience you are going through will make you stronger, you will learn that no amount of teasing will get you down as your bond with your dog and animals will always prevail and they make life complete.

    Good luck Brittney!


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