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Teen’s Pit Bull Helps Overturn Breed Ban

by Melanie

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This is what Orion thinks of BSL
This is what Orion thinks of BSL.


The small town of Annapolis, Missouri has overturned its ban on bully breeds largely in part to a teenage girl and her dog, Patches.

Fifteen-year-old Bayle Sutton’s family adopted the stray pit bull after he followed her home one day. The loving, playful puppy captured their hearts and they had to keep him. But the Tucker family was given a ticket by police because due to his breed, Patches was considered a “public threat” by Annapolis. They were given five days to remove him from city boundaries.

But the Tuckers insisted Patches was a family member, and they were determined to fight for him in court back in February. FOX2 News out of St. Louis got involved with the fight, and reporter Chris Hayes bought a DNA test to see if it would help. Results revealed that Patches was half American Staffordshire, one quarter boxer and one quarter Cocker Spaniel.

However, it did not help, because Am Staffs were specifically listed among the banned breeds. But Annapolis residents were on the family’s side. Town leaders did not immediately demand Patches be exiled; rather, they listened to their constituents. After reviewing the town’s ordinance, they decided to overturn the breed ban.


Chris Hayes is to be commended for his role in this movement against the discrimination of bully breeds, which is no different than discrimination against races and ethnicities of people. He had conducted a poll which showed that 70 percent of people surveyed could not even properly identify dog breeds. He works to enlighten the public to the unfair prejudice these breeds face, and hopes that through education, more will see the good side of pit bulls.

While yes, there are a substantial number of attacks made by them, it is because of their popularity, their strength and the way they are raised. Pibbles are not born killers – they are created. Banning them only takes them away from law-abiding, loving families and puts them into the hands of abusers.

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Muscles also does not care for breed bans.
Muscles also does not care for breed bans.