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Ten Dog Dads Who Wanted “Nothing to Do with Getting a Dog”

by Fred

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We all know one person like this.  “I’m just not a fan of dogs,” is something that all dog lovers have most likely heard at one point or another.  However, we’re convinced that it’s just because they haven’t been introduced to the right pooch just yet.  These pictures of dog dads that wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with adopting a dog are irrefutable proof.


  1. The dad who said he DIDN’T want a dog…

1.24.17 Dog Dads1



  1. This is almost always what happens with the ones not allowed on the couch…

1.24.17 Dog Dads2



  1. This photo was found in the bedroom of a man that didn’t want a dog…

1.24.17 Dog Dads3



  1. This man kept complaining that he didn’t want to adopt a dog… Yeah… right…

1.24.17 Dog Dads4



  1. This one didn’t want an iPad OR a dog…

1.24.17 Dog Dads5



  1. At first, this man didn’t want a dog. We feel like something might have changed…

1.24.17 Dog Dads6



  1. Totally against having a dog at first… Finds best nap-buddy EVER!

1.24.17 Dog Dads7



  1. According to this man’s kid, “My dad would NEVER admit how much he loves out old dog, but after finding this picture on his phone, he doesn’t have to.”

1.24.17 Dog Dads8



  1. Again, “My dad who ‘Doesn’t want anything to do with the dog’…

1.24.17 Dog Dads9



  1. And finally, this man said, “I don’t want a dog.” Then, “I don’t want a second dog.” Hmmm….

1.24.17 Dog Dads10