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Ten-Month-Old baby and Puppy are best Friends

by Fred

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7.29.14 - Ten-Month-Old baby and Puppy are best Friends2

Eisleigh is only ten months old, and already has a best friend.  Clyde, a pit bull puppy, born just weeks after Eisleigh, has taken to her as if she were a litter mate.  This video, originally posted to Instagram by Eisleigh’s mother, has got to be one of the cutest videos ever.  Watch as Clyde carefully makes his way into Eisleigh’s bouncer, and snuggle up to her so sweetly.  Her reaction is simply adorable.

Realizing just how darn cute this was, Brandi Hodges shared this video amongst friends, but wasn’t exactly prepared for what was going to happen with it.  They thought it was so cute the video made all over Instagram, a popular social networking site.  Eisleigh and Clyde became international superstars almost instantly.

7.29.14 - Ten-Month-Old baby and Puppy are best Friends3

As of yesterday, the 28th of July, the video has been watched by thousands, with 3,700 likes, and 1,700 comments.  That’s Instagram alone.  When Brandi posted the video to YouTube, it got over 1.3 million views.

According to Brandi, Eisleigh and Clyde really are the best of friends.  They spend almost all of their time together, and their favorite thing to do is take naps.  Check out this adorable video.