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Terribly Disfigured Dog Triumphs Over Her Abusers

by Melanie

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5.30.16 - Mona Lisa1


This comes to us from Speranza Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania:


One year ago today a volunteer sent me the bottom left picture – a picture of a dog that was found as a stray in Philadelphia. Within minutes I jumped in my car and made my way to Philly.

I literally cried the whole drive there. Tears of anger. Tears of sadness. I was an emotional mess.

Upon arrival the shelter staff had me sit in the hallway, as they went to get the dog for me… my stomach was in knots. I expected a scared, timid dog to come out and greet me…

When she walked towards me I fell to my knees and just broke down. However instead of meeting a scared dog – she had the biggest smile on her face – a beautiful smile – I knew right then that her name would be Mona Lisa.

Despite the horrible past and trauma she experienced this pint sized pity never stopped wagging her tail. Not only was half of her face gone – but she was covered in old scars…

After spending months at our vet and numerous surgeries, our little Mona joined us at the rescue.

Over the past year, this girl has become the most wonderful ambassador for the breed – and brought awareness to the horrific subject of dog fighting…

She has made a believer out of many pit bull skeptics – despite her past she does not blame us humans. She is resilient. Beautiful. And forgiving.

She not only has become one of our best event dogs – but she visits residents at a nursing home twice a month.

While Mona’s story is sad, when you are around her that smile is contagious. Her kisses, and that tail wag will capture your heart.

Mona you are an inspiration to so many – near and far. You have captured our hearts. Thank you for showing us how resilient and wonderful this breed truly is.

We are so proud of you – and you show us each and every day that you are not a victim – but a survivor ♡