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Texas Rescue Needs to Adopt Out as Many Dogs as Possible or Will Have to Shut Down

by Fred

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Bully Breeds Inc., a dog rescue out of Midland, Texas, is asking for help today.  After someone filed a complaint, they now face the terrible prospect of being shut down.  This will leave a lot of dogs in a bad spot, and one shudders to think of what the future would hold for them.  Regardless, the situation isn’t good.

The rescue currently houses about 60 dogs, and that’s what the complaint that was filed was all about.  Apparently, that’s too many to have within the city limits.  Now, founders Greg Clark and his wife Amy need to move fast and find homes for every dog they have.

“It does get overwhelming out here with the dogs for me at times,” said Greg Clark. “But they’re the reason I get up in the morning, they’re the reason I go through with my day.”

One of the volunteers with Bully Breeds Inc., Ricky Bedient is also known as “That Dog Guy.”  He helps out with whatever the rescue needs, and trains dogs professionally.

“Everybody wants a puppy and they get a puppy and it chews a few things up and goes to the bathroom in the house a couple of times and people think, ‘We don’t want it anymore,’” said Bedient.

The City of Midland is giving them the opportunity to get the number of dogs they have on their property down, but that means adoptions are needed.  Sara Bustilloz with the city is very hopeful that the rescue will be able to pull this off, and be able to provide the vital services that they do.

“For us what we’re looking to have happen is to work together to get that number down to a more manageable level,” said Bustilloz.  “If they feel like they need a little bit more time, that’s something we can work with them on just to make sure progress is being made.”

There will be a lot of work ahead for Bully Breeds Inc.  They do admit that they have a lot of dogs that they are trying to help out right now, but they really are worried that things won’t work out, and they’ll be forced to close.

“There’s just not enough homes out there that are willing to take on the type of dogs we have, that are older, that have been either neglected, abused,” said Clark.  “I’ve spent nights with dogs that have been shot, poisoned and I got them fully healthy and homed.”

For more information on how you can help, click here.  Or, if you are in the Midland, Texas area, the rescue is located at:

1506 Carter Ave

Midland, Texas 79701