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An Epic Puppy Rescue Took Place Eighteen Feet Underground

by Fred

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Our good friends over at Hope for Paws had an amazing rescue go down recently, that actually took place EIGHTEEN FEET UNDERGROUND!  This rescue is one for the highlight reel for sure.  While at a funeral for beloved friend to Hope for Paws, a call came in about eight puppies that were in serious need of some help.  How could they refuse?

What a prime opportunity to honor the memory of a loved one who’s passed on!  The rescue team got their stuff together and went out to the site in question.  When they showed up, they found the puppies had been surviving in a cave, and mom was nowhere in sight.  This was looking like it was going to take some serious effort to get done, but there’s no rescue too daunting for these guys and gals.

They used their trademark, tasty cheeseburgers to get the puppies out from the cave.  What puppy could resist the tasty charms of a good burger?  The food was enough to entice some of the puppies to come out to eat, and their rescue was in the bad.  However, the other puppies retreated back into the cave, forcing a new method of rescue to be applied.

Using the gentle snare, she shoehorning themselves into the small crack in the ground that made up the mouth of the cave, they managed to get the dogs out of there, and to safety.  It took a lot of hard work and effort to get them as far back into the cave they were.  However, the people at Hope for Paws do not know the meaning of the word “quit,” and eventually everyone was saved.

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