Texas Shelter Dog’s “Missed Connection” Ad Pays Off

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Guinness the dog’s love story does has a happy ending, although it didn’t end up exactly the way he expected.

When a nice blonde woman came to Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter with adoption on her mind, she and Guinness spent some quality time together. She needed to sleep on it, though, and left her information on a sticky note with staffers.

Another family adopted Guinness the next day, and when she came back for him — he was gone.

But when allergies forced his new family to return him to the shelter, staffers were frantic. The blonde woman’s contact information had been lost! So an enterprising shelter worker took to social media in the hope of finding the mystery woman. Even the local news got on board to help.


In hopes of finding Guinness his forever-home love match, the shelter created a personal ad in the “missed connection” style!

“Dear nice blonde lady – if you still want to adopt me – I’m here,” it read in part. “Love, Guinness.”



The ad did lead to Guinness finding his forever home, complete with a fur sibling, but it wasn’t with the mystery blonde.



That turned out to be Sarah Layne, a nurse from the Austin area. She did manage to see the personal ad, but it was already too late! She was a good sport about it, though!

“Hi everyone, I’m the ‘blonde lady,'” she wrote on the shelter’s Facebook page. “I did see the story, but not in time!!! I’m heartbroken I didn’t see it in time but so happy he found His forever home.”



Although she didn’t wind up with Guinness, the shelter hopes she’ll return just the same.

“Sarah, hopefully you come by soon. We will find another match that is perfect for you,” they wrote.

5 thoughts on “Texas Shelter Dog’s “Missed Connection” Ad Pays Off”

  1. (2014) Rescued Gonzo, Min Pin cross about 2 yrs old.

    After several months of debating my getting another small dog, I was go into town, I was going to be driving by our local rescue on the way home, decided to just to look. Well look I did and happy I went. (2016) In a cage near the door where smaller pups were kept I saw a pup in the lower cage and was considering but no spark came. So I look in the next cage up and saw this tiny chocolate colored puppy. So small, such a little lovey. I asked if I could hold her? That was it. The little girl was called Kisses, and she washed my face and I knew she was for our family. But I didn’t have the extra money on me. Yvette (rescue worker) was so much help said we were a great match.. Debated about it, just knew my spouse would be upset but…. I put money down to hold her til the next day when I could bring in the additional money for her adoption. I was so happy couldn’t wait to tell Spouse and Gonzo. Gonzo was also a rescue about 2 yrs old. He settled in great but knew he was looking for something. My friend and I walked our dogs together every day for about an hour. Talked Kisses with her, she thought it great idea to add her to the family. Worried about how Gonzo would react but went ahead with the adoption next day. Spouse wasn’t pleased but Kisses could handle him. Well we went to pick her up. Showed him to her in the cage, then took her out to cuddle, passed her to him while I went to finish the paperwork. She just started kissing him. She did her job and came home with us. Gonzo was so happy to add her to the family. He had a dog friend and playmate even though she was so small. Didn’t slow her down at all, The raced around the house and then out side to pick on each other. We’ve all been so happy since she joined the family. She has now started talking back to me when I tell her to be a good girl. Gonzo is no longer looking for a play mate, I got a new pup to train and Spouse got a sleeping partner for his recliner. No doubts about her fitting in. Oh, Gonzo is so Happy and so are we. Since Hubby and I are over sixty both our fur kids are happier and so are we. Will be RVing next year with them next yr, another new thing to learn for them to travel with us.

    • So happy for all of you, I have four furbaby rescues, keep saying I can not take anymore. It is really hard to say no and I will be 65 in December. I do not know who loves them more, me or my gruff hubby, I come home from work and find all of them squeezed inside the corners of his recliner, along with him, taking a nap, it is a site to behold.

  2. So happy and encouraged to see a pet-gets=new home;rescue-story ! I am a pet-mom to a smallish dog and 6 cats,all rescues through the years and love them each and every one.They are great company and companions !


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