House Fire Victim Sleeps Outside to Keep His Dog

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Sievers found Manse as a flea-bitten stray pup. He considers the dog "his baby."
Sievers found Manse as a flea-bitten stray pup. He considers the dog “his baby.”


Jeffrey “Boe” Sievers, 67, lost his home to a fire several months ago. He had no insurance and no savings to rebuild, but he refused to go to a shelter.


“You have to take care of your baby. He’s my baby. He’s a good baby,” Sievers told WYFF. (You can see the news story via this link.)

Sievers’ baby is his dog, Manse Jolly.

He told reporters he doesn’t mind sleeping outdoors, but worries about the upcoming winter.

“Cold don’t really bother me,” he said. “I don’t like to have to sit out in it without being able to move around.”

Siever’s neighbor, Christine Hiatt, has become so concerned about his well-being, she started a GoFundMe site entitled “Help Boe Rebuild His Home.”

Sievers' neighbor has started a GoFundMe page to try and get him back on his feet.
Sievers’ neighbor has started a GoFundMe page to try and get him back on his feet.


“…he found this sweet dog as a puppy,” Hiatt wrote on the fundraising page, “starving, covered in fleas and terrified of people. He nursed him back to health and has gone without so much just to make sure his dog has what he needs. He has been trying to gather enough money to get a small camper for him to live in.”

Hiatt says she’d like to get her neighbor and his dog some shelter. “I would also like to make sure he has food on the table. I think as Americans, everyone has that right.”

Sievers, in the meantime, is looking for silver linings and keeping a positive attitude.

“[My dog] crawls up into my sleeping bag. I tell you what, he’s a little heater,” Sievers said.

25 thoughts on “House Fire Victim Sleeps Outside to Keep His Dog”

  1. “If you take him in, cold and hungry, and make him prosperous, he will not then turn around and bite you. That is the principal difference between a man and a dog.” -Mark Twain

  2. God will bless this man for putting one of His helpless creatures. He’ll definitely be on Gods’ ‘short list.’

  3. This is the kind of commitment that is missing in so many these days. Pets are family, not frills. I am going to support this man and his “baby.”

    • I’m with you!! Your pets are family (fur kids) and a lot of people don’t seem to know or care about what a family consist of any more.

      • I agree….where is your compassion??? There but for the grace of God go I!!! I commend the man for not abandoning his companion. You don’t know what his circumstances are. You could be in the same boat. Shame on you!!

    • A travel trailer can be bought off CL for under two grand and it will be fine to live in for a long time in south Carolina. And if you park it in a RV park, they will do monthly rentals for not a lot of money. I would go that route. For under $2500, he could be set up for several months.

  4. what state is he in, If he is in washington I can get trailers for free. But there should be some one close to him that has a trailer in decent condition to loan or give. Get ahold of local news, churhes,radio station to ask for the trailer needed I am sure there is some one in the area. that has a trailer to give away. I love dogs to and have taken in strays to. One of them took me two months of him watching me pet love care for before he let me touch him. When I loosened his collar that was choking and making difficult for him to eat It was like pulling the thorn out of the giants foot.

  5. I am getting so emotional just reading about what happened to this man. Then overwhelmed by the kindness people are showing. It is so wonderful to see and know that he and that awesome dog are going to be ok. They ARE going to be ok. = )


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