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The Magic of Marco: A Life With Dogs Success Story


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Today we’ll show you how your actions and commitment continue to make a difference. We’ve enjoyed our share of success stories, but many have taken place in other areas of the country. Marco’s tale begins right in our back yard, and thanks to the share button and a little love, it ends perfectly.

marco 2

I first learned of this remarkable young dog on a local newscast. I was just waking up when I watched a report about him while sipping coffee and checking e-mail, and by the time that report ended I was smitten. We are in no position to take on another dog yet, so I did the next best ting I could think of, and shared a link to his information on our fan page.

See this early report on Marco for context.

Friend and fan Donna Barre happened upon that link and fell for Marco as hard as I had. Something about this expressive little champ moves those who encounter him, and Donna was moved to share his story. From there, it was only a matter of time before the right home came along – after reading Donna’s post, a friend told a friend…and Marco was saved.

marco 3

Does that sound too simple? Too easy? Perhaps it is. Marco’s new owners are exceptional, and have taken on a little more work than the average pet owner might. Beyond that, there is nothing exceptional about this tale, because you share links to stories just like this one on a regular basis, and by doing so, you continue to facilitate happy endings for countless dogs in need: we love you for that.

What is different in this case is that yours truly had a chance to meet the one and only Marco last weekend at a local dog event, and I will tell you (with all the enthusiasm that I am able to convey) that my heart soared for all of us – for the collective effort that had made him safe, for his joy at the simple pleasures life has to offer, and for his new family, who are indeed lucky to have him. He’s an amazing boy.

If that weren’t enough, I even had the chance to enjoy this moment with Marco, and say what you will…but I’m going to keep telling myself it was his way of saying thanks.

marco 4

As always, thank you for reading, for sharing, and for making the world a better place for our best friends.
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If you’d like to learn more about Marco, his new home and his future adventures, see his fan page. For a collection of stunning pictures of Marco visit this post at Mountain Dog Photography.