The 12 Dog Days of Christmas

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nigel buggers in the studio

Why yes, this is a little insane…and believe it or not, the regulars already know the words. A holiday musical that takes a look back at some of Nigel’s more famous costume changes and blog posts, The 12 Dog Days of Christmas was released last year and introduced the world to my dog’s unique singing voice. Thanks to advances in technology it’s now hosted on YouTube, so those of you who couldn’t snag a copy before may now do so.

snuggie nigel buggers

There is a cheat sheet below, and for the uninitiated, the word is two-legger. Hey, I know it’s nutty, but it’s not like I make this stuff up. Oh, wait a second… 😉


*The twelve items:

A Bugweiser can cozy
Two black bars
Three bird suits*
Four big balloons
Five Blackberries
Six yummy Snuggies
Seven cats a-swimming
Eight jets a-flying*
Nine stripper poles*
Ten pairs of cutoffs*
Eleven morons marching*
Twelve whippet ladies*
*More at: Nigel Buggers on Facebook

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