The Bird Herder

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The headline is ambiguous by design – press play to reveal who is herding who.

Stick with this until the dramatic conclusion and you’ll understand why this gets my nod as one of the cuter finds of the month, and why Border Collies are getting nervous about job security…

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9 thoughts on “The Bird Herder”

  1. Reminds me of when I had my sun-cap conure… and my first two greyhounds. Starlight would run from the room when the bird would come out and Gate would just sit on the couch as sulk while the bird sat on him and preened his fur. …. My parakeet enjoyed these greys too…. They hated him as well. Funny how a 68lb dog would run from an 8 ounce bird.

  2. I had a Goffins Cockatoo that would chase after my dog every chance she got. It got so that when we were gonig to let the bird out of her cage we would say ” Run, Preicious, Run!” and the dog would get up and run out of the room. It even worked if the dog was sleeping lol.


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