The Cone of Shame Photo Contest

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Few things strike fear in the hearts of dogs like the dreaded cone of shame, and today we’re hosting a fun photo contest that will give you the chance to win an alternative – one that your dog will thank you for!

We all know what it is like to watch our dogs suffer the humiliation of the cone, but with a BooBooLoon you never have to walk around in shame again! Enter our “cone of shame” contest for your chance to win one of 1o BooBooLoons for your dog.

Submit ONE photo per dog in the cone of shame, or any other product that’s made to keep them from reaching their wounds. Submit photos via e-mail at [email protected]

We’ll put together an album of your pictures on our fan page. “Like” to vote for your favorites. The top 10 photos with the most likes will each win a free BooBooLoon! Winners will need to specify size when contacted.

  • Extra small – neck size 3-7″
  • Small – neck size 8-12″
  • Medium – neck size 13-18″
  • Large – neck size 19-24″
  • XL – neck size 25-30″

Note:  This contest kicks off now! You have until midnight, May 11th to enter. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter. Now go find us your most shameful picture and send it in for a chance to win!

0 thoughts on “The Cone of Shame Photo Contest”

  1. Poor humiliated doggies … I think I have one. My ear surgery girl was such a superb girl, she didn’t wear one.

  2. Good idea being comfortable for the dog but how long do you think a velcro closure plastic thing is going to stay on?

  3. my dog gets his off tomorrow! He got the stitches out of his eye on Thursday and tomorrow was the target date for cone removal, as long as he’s still not trying to paw at the eye. 🙂

  4. I’m in, sent my photo already.. my poor liitle girl was attacked by another dog while we were hiking. luckilly she made a full recovery an is her happy self again but she looked so sad with her neck brace

  5. Submitted an entry for Tango. Poor girl has been in the cone of shame off & on for a year now due to an environmental allergy that causes her to lick the bottom of her feet raw 🙁 Please pick us.


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