The Dog and His Shrinking Box

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Dogs love to go on car rides and some pets have been trained to wear seat belts, sit on the passenger’s side, ride along in the back of the car, or like this dog, always sit in his box. As a joke, the owner of this obedient dog switches his pet’s box multiple times, and no matter how small the box gets, the well-trained dog follows his owner’s commands to the letter.

32 thoughts on “The Dog and His Shrinking Box”

  1. That poor sweet dog! This jerk obviously thinks he is hilarious, but he is a total douche.
    1. Why is this well behaved dog kept in jail?
    2. CLEAN UP the area that you jail your dog in.
    3. Put your dog ON THE SEAT in a HARNESS that attaches to a seat belt. Dogs like to look out the window. He can’t do that in a box on the floor.
    4. The best thing you could do for this dog is find him a loving home where he is respected as a family member, not a piece of property to ridicule.

  2. Adorable dog! Too cute! Wish he’d elevate that box so the pup could look out the window though. That’s half the fun!


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