The Dog in the Clouds

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Years ago I was in Kathmandu after a run of luck that included being crushed in a wreck, later paralyzed, and eventually sentenced to death for espionage (the Burmese version of a good film review). In the middle of the night during a Himalayan thunderstorm I saw a dog in the clouds. I believed with all my heart that I would find that dog.

Two years later I was tired of waiting for the matching dog, and one day I grabbed the first puppy available in the classifieds. His name was Orville, and he was the dog of a lifetime. He gave his life up for me in the greatest act of selflessness I have ever experienced.

42 thoughts on “The Dog in the Clouds”

  1. Are y’all trying to make me cry some more? I don’t appreciate it, even if I can claim it’s just bad allergies.

  2. We truly don’t deserve our 4-legged friends. Their love is pure and unconditional. We could learn a thing or two from dogs. Such is the love of dogs. Bless them.

  3. IF You haven’t cried in a long, long time.. YOU ought to grab a tissue box now! … Yea, even men can/ are allowed to cry/ to weep…


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