The Escape Preventing Dog Harness


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harnessHammacher Schlemmer’s patented ‘escape preventing’ harness promises to keep your dog safely contained. It also promises to make your dog look ridiculous.

If you can get past the funny factor, perhaps this product will work for you. Hammacher Schlemmer’s description sounds promising:

This is the patented harness that prevents puppies or small adult dogs from escaping fenced-in areas. The device slips on a dog like a common harness, but its integrated rigid 10 1/2″-long cross-bar spans well beyond the width of the pet, preventing it from slipping out between fence railings.

The lightweight harness won’t inhibit a dog’s movements and allows passage through most standard pet doors. It is made from a 100% woven nylon that pets won’t find irritating, and has adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit.

With a retail price of around $30, this affordable contraption may just do the trick – if your dog will tolerate it.