Happy, Hopping Special Needs Puppy Seeks New Home

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Noah is a very special puppy looking for an adopter willing to take in a dog who may need just a little extra help. This sweet young boy has a hopping-type gait in his front legs, which has been apparent since he was about 7 weeks old. This has been especially evident when he is excited or running; at a slower pace, Noah walks with a more normal step. He has developed normally otherwise and has had no other problems.

Noah was taken to Wisconsin’s Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital to help determine the reason for his frequent hopping gait. Radiographs were taken there to help with the diagnosis. They did find that Noah had mild elbow dysplasia in both front legs, which may explain his “hopping” gait, although it’s not a typical gait for elbow dysplasia. They have seen no progression of the condition between the first and second set of radiographs, and feel that the condition is not painful. Noah’s elbows appear normal otherwise.

The course of Noah’s condition is uncertain. The gait may improve or may stay the same. The elbow dysplasia could possibly progress and lead to arthritis of the elbows. More veterinary care could be required in the future. Follow-up radiographs may be recommended after a period of time if there is no improvement. There is always the possibility that a future surgery would even be needed.

At this time, it’s only recommended that Noah start on a glucosamine supplement and avoid high impact physical activity. Being loose in the house and yard, playing with other dogs, and going on leash walks is fine. Only time will tell how Noah’s condition is going to progress, but we hope someone will open their heart and home to this special needs dog.

Noah is a hilarious guy! He is energetic and craves attention. Noah also loves his toys. One of his favorite pastimes is stretching out on a large dog bed and occupying himself with a peanut butter stuffed Kong.

His foster family also reported that Noah loved playing with his foster brother, an adult Labrador Retriever mix. Noah has an energetic play style and may be a great fit for a home with a resident dog looking for a play mate.

For more information about Noah, or to fill out an application, please visit the Wisconsin Humane Society.

13 thoughts on “Happy, Hopping Special Needs Puppy Seeks New Home”

  1. shared <3... possibly the cutest puppy ever!! check out those ears! hope you find a home thats worthy of you baby xocx

  2. OH MY GOD he is sooooo adorable!!!! He is a sweetheart, he will find a loving home, impossible for him not to with that adorable face, I’d take him in a heartbeat!

  3. What a cute little guy Noah is. Even that little hop of his is cute and it doesn’t seem to slow him down much. Prayers here that he finds a great home and that his problems do not progress any farther than they have so far.


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