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The Green Pet Shop’s Solution to Hot Dogs – The Cool Pet Pad

by Melanie

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Dogs can’t sweat. No matter how hot it is, no matter how long of a W-A-L-K you take them on, dogs simply cannot sweat. As a result, our four-legged family members are constantly searching for the coolest place they can find to lower their core-body temperature.

Think about it: Have you ever returned home to find your pup sleeping on the air-vent? How about a cold marble floor or lounging underneath the “big tree” in the backyard? We have too. Dogs love having a cool, dry place to relax and escape the heat.

So what are our options? We can hose them down—always gets messy. Buy refrigerating cool packs—takes up space and you have to wait for them to charge. Jack up the AC—never cost efficient. The point is, to many of us, our pets are like furry children. Keeping them happy, healthy and safe shouldn’t require excessive maintenance, electrical outlets or a portable refrigerator. The Green Pet Shop has an answer to this problem and it’s called “The Cool Pet Pad.”

10.27.13 - Cool Pet Pad2

The Cool Pet Pad is the only product of its kind that cools on contact. It requires No Water, No Refrigeration and No Electricity. Just simply place it on the ground, in a dog bed/crate, or wherever your pet enjoys his or her afternoon snooze and as soon as pressure is applied, the cooling effect will kick into action! The gel-based formula is Non-Toxic, lasts for hours and automatically recharges itself with 15-20 minutes of non-use. Perfect for traveling, crate-compatible and wipes clean with the swipe of a washcloth.

This August, The Cool Pet Pad was the recipient of the Pet Product News International: “2013 Editors Choice Award.”—Cool enough? Wait until you try it!

The Cool Pet Pad comes in 4 convenient sizes (S/M/L/XL) to accommodate dogs big and small and is priced starting at $24.99. The Green Pet Shop is now also producing covers for the Cool Pet Pads for an extra layer of protection. The covers consist of a cotton/polyester blend, are machine washable and will not affect the performance of the Cool Pet Pad.

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