The Healing Power of Pit Bull Kisses

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In light of the Kissed by a Pit Challenge, here’s a story about one family’s experience with some rescue pit bulls.


9.4.14 - Rescue Dogs Give the Best Kisses1
Get kissed by a pit and donate $5 or more to the animal charity of your choice!

One Friday night while his lady Brandi was asleep in their St. Louis-area home, Mike Coffey decided to take advantage of the alone time to do some private, online surfing.

“I did what any guy would do,” he said to HuffPost.  “I got on the internet and looked up Petfinder.”

He came across Flex Pride, who had been found rambling along the streets of Chicago.  Now almost three years later, Mike says that he’s become “my best buddy and even stood with me as one of my best men at my wedding.  Flex showed us what a pit bull is like, and I have loved the breed since then.”

Foster dog Claude tries to keep up with Keva.
Foster dog Claude tries to keep up with Keva.


About nine months ago, the Coffeys came across Keva Joy, a very lovey pit bull found in Kansas City.  They fell in love immediately.

They met her at “at a pretty low time in life,” Mike said.  “We had two fur-kids pass away in 13 days. Brandi and I were devastated. It was the first time I ever had to deal with this – but Flex was so sad as well.  He completely shut down.  He was not himself at all.  He needed a buddy.”

Flex bonded with Keva instantly – it was obvious she was exactly what he needed.

“She ran right at you and immediately kissed you all over, only stopping long enough to smile, then start kissing you again,” Mike explained.  “We brought her home and Flex took to her right away.  She brought him out of his funk.  More importantly, she made our family whole again.”

Mike and Flex get cozy.
Mike and Flex get cozy.


She and Flex have brought so much love to the Coffeys, as well as the 4 Paws 4 Rescue foster dogs they have helped.  (4 Paws 4 Rescue is the group that shared Flex and Keva’s photos on Facebook.)  In addition to love, they have helped Mike find new meaning in his life.

“Rescue is full of hard times for sure, yet it is the most rewarding thing we do,” he said.  “I, personally, had wondered for a long time what I was meant to do.  It wasn’t a certain job.  I wasn’t here to save the world.  I am here to help those animals who can’t help themselves.”

Some love in the sun!
Some love in the sun!