The Hundehiet: A Storage Locker for Dogs

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According to recent statistics, pet theft is a growing concern for Americans. Dogs are being snatched from cars, stolen from fenced-in yards, and disappearing from tie-outs: these days, any dogs left unattended are at some risk of being stolen.


The country of Norway has come up with a unique way to battle public pet theft: The Hundehiet, which translates to “Dog Den” in English. The Hundehiet is, for all practical purposes, a public storage locker for dogs and cats. Making a trip to the store? Just plop your pet in the The Hundehiet, plug 10 Kroner (US $1.72) worth of coins in the slot, and go about your business with the knowledge that your pet is safe from thieves.


While this may be safer and smarter than leaving your dog in the car, or tying it out in front of a store, we’re not so sure that a public storage solution for pets is the ultimate answer. Summer heat, the potential for spread of disease, ease of abandonment – all of these are valid concerns presented by those opposed to the concept. Security is one thing, but convenince at the cost of safety is not a trade we would be willing to make.

That said, The Hundehiet is catching on locally, and only time will tell if this unusual pet security device is here to stay – or if it’s time to truly ‘think outside of the box’ when considering matters of public pet safety.