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The Letter This Dog’s Family Left at the Shelter Will Break Your Heart

by Melanie

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When Roofus’ family had to say goodbye to him at a shelter six years ago, they included a letter at intake.  But it got shuffled into his file, never seen by staff, until now.  This poor dog has been in and out of the shelter ever since, with some saying that he’s just too old.  Yes, he’s a senior, but that was even more reason for someone to give him the home he’s been waiting for all these years…. And now he has one!


1.20.17 Senior Roofus and the Letter1


It’s always sad when people are forced to surrender their pets to shelters, however, it is better that they bring them in rather than dump them outside or pass them off to someone who may harm them.  Roofus’ family brought him back to Bishop Animal Shelter in Bradenton, Florida, where they had adopted him when he was younger.  It was a heartbreaking decision, explained in the letter they left:


1.20.17 Senior Roofus and the Letter2


My name is Roofus.  My family loves me very much but they have fallen on hard times.  My daddy lost his job a year ago and can’t find a new one.  My mommy tells me they have to downsize to a smaller apartment and can’t afford to keep me.  I will miss my two-legged siblings so much.  They keep crying and hugging me, begging mommy and daddy not to take me back to the shelter.  I remember living at the shelter before.  Your staff is very kind, but nothing compares to a family.  My family is very sad to give me back to Bishop but they know you’ll find me a new family that will love me just as much.  They’re including my bed and favorite toys.  Please find me a good home.  Love, Roofus.


1.20.17 Senior Roofus and the Letter3


Staffer Meg Mayer couldn’t even get through the whole thing without breaking down.  But the employees’ sadness was worth it; when Roofus’ story made the news, a woman named Karen Reed Duffy decided to adopt him.  Months later she posted that she and Roofus were “still going strong.”


1.20.17 Senior Roofus and the Letter5