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The Little Lamb that Thinks She’s a Dog

by Fred

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1.14.16 - DorritFEAT

Meet Dorrit.  She’s a little lamb that lives in County Kilkenny, Ireland.  Although she is a lamb, you’d have a very difficult time convincing her of that.  She thinks, feels and acts 100% canine, and the results are adorable.

She lives on a farm with her best friend, Bear.  Bear is a dog, and has been an inspiration on “how to dog” for little Dorrit since day one.  Whether it’s frolicking in the fields with her canine buddy, or getting stuck in a big bag of food, Dorrit is convinced she is 100% dog.

Check out these adorable videos of Dorrit and friends, posted to Vine by self-described “blanket designing shepherd” and human family member, Zwartbles Ireland.  How about you?  Do you have a non-canine family member that does everything he or she can to convince everyone they’re a dog?  Or, do you have a pet like the cat in these videos, Ovenmitt, whom is clearly unconvinced (and likely never will be) by all of these shenanigans?  Check out our Facebook page, and share your furry family members in the comments!