The lives of innocent dogs are at stake, and time is running out to help

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The lives of a family of dogs are being threatened with death in Monroe County Michigan.  The 4 boxers, belonging to Timothy Iocoangeli were seized in April and labelled as “dangerous dogs” after one of the dogs bit a teenage girl who was technically trespassing on the property while the owner was away.  None of the other dogs were involved in the incident, yet all of them have been in custody for 7 months deprived of the freedom and love they deserve.

Iocoangeli has been fighting with the Monroe County system, even going to jail himself rather than surrender the rights to his dogs since he could not afford to pay $3000 to have the dogs released.  He is currently out on bail but not allowed to see his pets, which include a puppy.  The courts decision is difficult to understand since  the city’s own law states that a dog cannot be considered dangerous if it attacks in protecting its property against strangers, which is exactly what happened.  The dog in question, Brooklyn, was protecting her five 2 month old puppies in her own home, and the girl that was bitten was trespassing in the sense that the owner was not home and unaware that she was there.

It is difficult to comprehend why animal control would seize all 4 of the dogs when there is no apparent evidence of aggression or wrongdoing.  Iocoangeli has done everything he can, including finding extra work to raise the money to free the dogs and prevent their needless and unjustified killing.  It is unclear why the the girl who was bitten was in the house at all, and this does not seem to be a concern of the courts.

The reality is that unless something changes in the next few days, these dogs will likely be euthanized by the end of the week.  This is a drastic and unjustified measure that could set a very dangerous precedent.  The rights of innocent animals are at stake and they need defenders to come to their aide.

22 thoughts on “The lives of innocent dogs are at stake, and time is running out to help”

  1. so how can we raise awareness when we are not local.
    since when does the homeowner have less rights than those who are in the wrong.

  2. I wrote to them but not sure if they will even heed outside pressure…someone in the district needs to speak up!

  3. I can’t believe this! I will call first thing Monday and this needs to be shared, I don’t understand what the teenager was doing in this home in the first place and why it doesn’t matter, she was not accompanied by the homeowner, what dog wouldn’t be frightened??

  4. I have posted this to my Facebook page and asked all my friends to call as well! God be with these living animals in this their time of need. I can’t believe how awful the laws are against animals. It’s not the dog that’s dangerous, it’s the irresponsibility of human beings that don’t care!! I am at times ashamed to be of this human race. My dogs mean everything to me and I would do anything to save them.

  5. Someone needs to get in ouch with he owners / Lexus ASAP if someone
    can get he message to them. Please do this is not fair and I will be calling this mayors office as well from Washington state.what has the Animal control come to playing god with others lives and putting people through hell. These are family members to them and they do t care and they aren’t looking at the whole big picture or he truth. They will be murdering 4 innocent dogs for what? Can’t someone help stop this horrific mess from happening? Shame on this county’s Animal control doing this to this poor family and their beloved dogs.

  6. Somebody may need to just go ahead and contact this Lexus project. Org or any local rescues as well to make sure their innocent lives aren’t put in jeopardy his week. Please someone reach out and help this family. This type of action by the Animal control is not justified and they need to be accountable . Just give this poor man back his family. And stop playing
    god with innocent animals lives. Any female dog will defend their pups specially a stranger… You all went to far with this and are out of line doing this to this family. Give them back their beloved family members……do the right thing….someone help these Los cll the mayor there everyone…. Lets help this family who obviously love their dogs.


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