Family trying to save their dog is swept out to sea

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Tragedy struck on Saturday afternoon in Northern California when a couple died and their 16-year-old son went missing after going into the ocean to try to save their dog.

The family was at Big Lagoon just north of Eureka, California with their dog on Saturday afternoon. The dog went chasing after a stick and was pulled into the ocean by eight to ten foot waves. Dana Jones, a state Parks and Recreation district superintendent, reports that the 16-year-old boy went in after the dog and the father went in after his son. The son was able to make it out of the water, but when he didn’t see his father he and his mother went in after the father. They were all dragged into the ocean.

That’s when the couple’s daughter reportedly called the police for help. A park ranger had to run a half mile to get to their location because his car couldn’t handle the terrain. When he arrived he was unable to get to the family because of the high surf. The dog was able to make it out of the water safely on his own.

Rescuers eventually recovered the mother’s and father’s bodies after they washed up.  The son is still missing, and a call seeking the status of the Coast Guard’s search on Sunday wasn’t immediately returned.

2 thoughts on “Family trying to save their dog is swept out to sea”

  1. How horribly sad. This poor family. The bond of an animal is so strong as shown here. God Bless this family.

  2. God bless this family and pray the daughter and dog can heal and be there for one anoher as well as any family and friends to help get them through this horrible tragedy. So sad my heart goes out to them all they were all trying to save and protect one another like family does. Sure hope the boy will be found and alright for the rest of the family .


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