The New Dog Vacuum

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With the holiday shopping season in full swing it’s fun to keep an eye on new products in the pet category. Dyson’s Groom tool is self-cleaning and mess-free, sucking up dog hair before it falls to the floor. But will your dog tolerate it?

According to James Dyson: “A moulting dog isn’t man’s best friend. Conventional grooming tools create a fur cloud and more cleaning. We’ve engineered the Groom tool to hygienically remove fur, without the mess.”

The Dyson Groom tool’s stainless steel bristles remove loose hair and dead skin. Bristles and air flow are controlled via thumb pressure on a tab. As the thumb is lifted, pressure is reduced and the bristles retract. Simultaneously, air flow is re-directed to suck hair and allergens into the clear bin – hygienically. Suitable for medium or long-haired dogs, it fits the hose of most Dyson vacuum cleaners. The length of the bristles can be adjusted by pushing down on the trigger. And because the bristles do not protrude, it’s easy to store.

The Dyson Groom Tool is now on sale in the UK for £40 and should be available in the US any time now. While pricing seems reasonable, I’m not convinced that a brush and standard vacuum hose would not do 95% as well as the Dyson with none of the investment. What I’m more curious to know is what percentage of dog owners could actually make use of this. While Nigel is legendary for his nerves of steel, our Labs would kiss the cat long before they would let us get anywhere near them with the vacuum.

Is your dog afraid of the vacuum? Could you use something like this? If so, Dyson is offering an alert for interested consumers: sign up at their site.

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17 thoughts on “The New Dog Vacuum”

  1. I have no idea if I am afraid of the vacuum….we have hardwood floors…and no vacuum… Dobermans are not known for their shedding…..

  2. HA! Let’s just say my Dyson has teeth marks on it already….I think I’ll stick to the furminator outside, although if anyone could do this item right it will be Dyson.

  3. once the dales got past the fear of the big bad machine, the cord, the hose, the noise, they might allow it … is it worth the trouble? I’ll think we”l stay with the furminator.

  4. Cool concept. Problem: my dogs hate the vacuum. It’s the noise. I have a Dyson, which is one of the quietest vacuums, but the noise still freaks them out. Both enjoy their spa time with Mom, the shedding blade, brush and chamois.

  5. My Corgi doesn’t shed quite like the Airedales, but don’t let a vacuum near her. She is out of sight! I own the purple pet Dyson and have had for several years/ Love how it works, when Dottie is in another room. But nothing happened when I tried to sign up for the alert. The link went nowhere.
    Think Dottie could be behind it?

  6. Hmmmm – we have two of those purple dysons here – wonder if that tool will work well enough on our thick coats. Mom would just love one of those if they work well. After all, she runs those dysons almost every day:(

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. lol , i have 3 long haired dogs, last one was a rescue, the first two will let you vac them and believe me for some reason they have been shedding a lot lately so we vac them every other day with the attachment that i bought at the pet store, now my rescue ,well ive had to be very very care full with her as she wouldnt let you near her with a brush that was a year ago i can now brush her and she does not scream at me any more as far a the vac with her well now we are working on that one and i believe maybe just maybe shell let me try on her as she gone from attacking it to now just watching it and watching me use it on the othetr two.


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