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The Post-Bath Crazies


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Does your dog go batty after a bath? Our current pack includes one resident bath hater. Sola absolutely despises me for a day after every bath, but you wouldn’t know it by the way she tears through the house after we dry her off and set her free. I’ll do my best to capture one of her episodes on tape the next time she is forced to endure the indignity of a good scrubbing, but today I would like you to meet two dogs who do a fine job of speaking for all of the bath haters out there.

Sally is a whirlwind – if ever there were a video to represent what most of us see after a dog washing, this is it. Nothing truly remarkable happens, but this video is priceless because for the first time ever, someone has captured the music that all of our dogs must be hearing in their heads as they run amok in an attempt to shake off that fresh, clean smell.

Our second guest is a standout for one very clear reason – he’s the voice of every poor pooch subjected to bathing torture, and he has a lot to say…