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The Public is Needed to Help Bring Two Missing Dogs Home

by Melanie

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2.27.13 Missing Dogs1
Baby Prancer

Facebook and Twitter are often the vehicles that help reunite missing dogs with their angst-ridden owners.  Posters and Craigslist ads are helpful for local areas, but for dogs that have been kidnapped or are skilled runners, it can be necessary to appeal to people hundreds and thousands of miles away.

Baby Prancer is a therapy dog that went absolutely everywhere with owner Raquel Herbias – even to the movies.  Without him, Raquel is beside herself.

“He’s my therapy dog.  He helps me cope with my situation every single day,” Raquel said.  “It takes my mind off everything that’s going on.  And it helps me cope with all the stress and anxiety that I have.”

The 19-year-old suffered a mental breakdown when her dog disappeared.

“My daughter has PTSD,” explained Rochelle Aki-Galvez.  “She goes through anxiety attacks.  She’s been through a lot of depression over the years.”

He went missing from his home in Mililani, Oahu in Hawaii on the day after Christmas.  The backyard is fenced, and the family believes he was stolen.

“Some of our neighbors have said they saw the dog outside.  A man was luring it to a van, Rochelle said. “We didn’t see him personally, but we believe this is what happened.”

The family called police and have handed out and put up over 2,000 fliers.

“I just hope that somebody who knows where he is, or the people who have him can just bring him home,” Raquel said.

Baby Prancer is three to four pound mixed breed poi, about seven months old.  He has a heart-shaped marking near his hindquarters, and a kink in his tail about three inches from the end.  He is unaltered and requires medication.  The family is offering a reward, and anyone with information is urged to call Rochelle (808) 551-5690 or Abe (808) 551-4453 any time, day or night.  There is also a Facebook page for Baby Prancer.

Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

2.27.13 Missing Dogs4

A woman from Scottsdale, Arizona is pulling out all the stops to find her dog.  Eight-year-old brindle boxer Ezel went missing on Valentine’s Day, and Trysta Daniels has done everything she can to find him.  In addition to putting up posters and making daily visits to local animal shelters, she has also consulted a pet detective and a pet psychic.

“He’s inside of a house… I’m getting that he’s 13 blocks away from your house,” the psychic said.

Trysta is skeptical, but is willing to do anything if it means getting her boy back.

“I’ve had him for nine years and he’s been my best friend.  I don’t have children so to me this feels like a loss of a child,” Trysta said.  “I’ve had him for my whole adult life so it’s a big void now that he’s gone.”

Trysta brought Ezel with her to her boyfriend’s house on February 14th.  When they went out to dinner, the dog got out through a back door.  He isn’t wearing a collar, but has been microchipped.

“It’s been hard every day, you kind of realize ‘I lost my dog’ and you blame yourself,” Trysta said.  “You know ‘cause it’s your dog, you’re the reason your dog got out, and hindsight is always 20/20.”

There is a $5,000 reward being offered for Ezel’s return – $2,500 to the person who finds him, and $2,500 to be donated to the Humane Society.  Anyone with information may visit: