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The Real Story Behind the Photo of the Dog Who Dug a Hole in Her Owner’s Grave

by Melanie

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It seems like this photo has been floating around for ages, and I could have sworn that we’d posted about it, but a thorough search of the site turned up nothing.  I never knew the real story behind this picture, and like many who had seen it, thought this was a bereaved dog missing her owner.  However, that’s not the case at all, and apparently the true story circulated last summer.  But if I’ve never seen it with all the dog stories I see every day, there’s a good chance some of you haven’t, either.




With nothing else to go on, it was easy to assume that this dog had dug into the grave to be closer to her deceased owner.  What was really going on was that she was seeking out a den to stay warm.




Snow had recently fallen in Serbia, and it was crucial that she find a cozy home, because she had puppies to keep safe.  It was very fortunate that local animal rescuer Vensa Mihajloski came across them, or they might not have survived.




She and a team of rescuers brought food to earn mama’s trust and give her some comfort.  Vigilance and offspring-rearing is tiring work, and she was grateful to be rescued and have a safe, warm place to stay where she wouldn’t have to expend energy searching for food or water.




With Vensa and the team’s help, the adorable puppies were able to grow into strong, healthy dogs.  Today they are all living in a lovely home, and mama can now rest easy for the remainder of her life.