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The Rescue & Recovery of This Dog Will Blow Your Mind

by Melanie

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I’m not a detective, and I don’t know all the details of this story – the who, the where, the when.  What is known, however, is that the transformation of this poor little street dog is nothing short of a miracle.  The “after” photos will truly amaze you.

Kelsey was a street dog living a miserable life.  She was lonely, hungry, uncomfortable, and in pain.  Finding food and shelter were not easy, and she had to carefully cross busy bridges to survive.


8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue1


At long last, the day came when someone noticed Kelsey and took pity and decided to rescue her.  In the sunlight, they could see just how heartbreaking her condition was.  Rather than a protective coat of white fur, her emaciated body was blanketed with sunburn and painful, open sores.


8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue2


When her savior opened the car door, Kelsey gratefully jumped inside.  She was scared, but eager to escape her life of hell.


8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue3


After years of anguish, the poor girl finally began to understand what it meant to be loved and care for.


8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue4


Veterinary staff provided the medical care necessary to revitalize her.  Gently nestled in the vet’s arms one can’t help but to be astounded by how tiny the little darling is.


8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue6


Only time would tell how this story would turn out.  But day by day, Kelsey healed.


8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue7


She hardly looked like the same dog!  For the first time ever, she was living the lifestyle of a pampered pup, and appreciated the feeling of soft, cool grass on her paws.


8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue8


Years as a street dog teaches one to be distrusting and defensive, but Kelsey opened up and developed friendships with other dogs.  She was safe.


8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue9


Ahhh… life.


8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue10




8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue11




8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue13


Regular meals and cozy beds inside?  This is something a girl could get used to!


8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue12


Before long, Kelsey had completely recovered.  She put on weight, her wounds healed, and her coat grew back in to reveal a beautiful girl.


8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue14


Love changes lives.


8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue15




Thank you to Little Things.