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The Stolen Dog

by Katherine

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Photo Credit: Tricia O’Malley

Tricia and Josh O’Malley never thought their beloved Boston terrier named Briggs, would be snatched off their back deck in May 2012. Neither did they think a book would be written about the traumatic event. Yet both things happened.

Tricia O’Malley is the author of “The Stolen Dog,” a true story about her pet’s chronicles – from his abduction to his safe return.

The O’Malleys, who live in Milwaukee, made it their mission to do whatever it took to get their dog back home.

The book is well written, funny, entertaining, and filled with compelling narrative that will keep you glued to its pages until the end.

In order to find Briggs, Tricia posted flyers in Spanish and English, she set up a Facebook page, had friends tweeting, received TV and radio coverage, and even went as far as involving a psychic and pet communicators.

Throughout the heart-wrenching search, Tricia made new life-long friends. She also rescued another Boston terrier in need of a loving home. The O’Malleys kept the dog and named him Blue.

The search for Briggs allowed the O’Malleys to learn how compassionate many strangers would be, as well as how cruel many others would act causing them pain.

Tricia received daily death threats, false sightings, and false eye-witness accounts on how Briggs’s young life allegedly came to an end.

“I killed your [explicit] dog!” was one of the many false threats Tricia received and wrote about in her book.

Writing the book allowed the author to put together an extensive list of things pet owners should do when searching for their own lost pets. As a marketing specialist, Tricia came up with innovative ways to keep her search efforts alive in the public’s minds and hearts. Tricia’s industry knowledge also helped her keep calm when dealing with opportunists who called asking for a monetary reward.

“…From now on I’ll pay more attention to people who ask for help,” Tricia wrote in the book. “Why? Because I know what it’s like to feel helpless.”

This happy ending tale can be purchased on ITunes, Nook, Amazon, and Kobo. A portion of proceeds goes to animal rescues. You can learn more about the book, the O’Malleys and their dogs, Briggs and Blue, at