Firefighters Rescue Dog in Distress on Hike

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Firefighters in Scottsdale, Arizona came to the aid of a dog who was struggling in the heat while out on a hike with its owner.

The dog’s owner was hiking with his dog when it began showing signs of distress. The hiker had run out of water so he called for help. Firefighters brought extra water and a wheeled cart to wheel the dog down the trail.

The dog appeared to be in good condition and was taken to the vet by its owner for a follow up. Scottsdale Fire Department Battalion Chief Brian Read wants to use this rescue as a reminder to pet owners to make sure they take extra preparations when they hike with their dog.

4 thoughts on “Firefighters Rescue Dog in Distress on Hike”

  1. Leave your dog home – hiking in the desert in summer w/insufficient water? You’re lucky you’re not both dead…next time, go alone.

  2. I wouldn’t be taking a dog out in prolonged heat. Mine don’t seem to care if its too hot, so I must be their advocate.

  3. What an a-hole for bringing a thickly coated dog on a desert hike. The owner shouldn’t be allowed to have any dog.

  4. Actually the dog would have been fine with enough water. Long haired dogs don’t suffer in heat anymore then short haired dogs. Owner was just remiss in not packing extra water


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