The story of Shaggy, rescued and back to being a dog

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Shaggy spent over 5 years on the streets of Lexington County South Carolina, evading capture and leading a lonely life.  Thanks to the efforts of Eldad Hagar and 40 volunteers Shaggy if safely off the streets and ready for a life of luxury in a her new home.  Hagar, a well known rescue specialist, heard about Shaggy and decided to take action so that she could have the life every dog deserves, one filled with love and happiness.

Shaggy had become well known and was somewhat of an ambassador for street dogs, miraculously surviving 5 years of street life.  Hagar, a   Once captured Hagar brought Shaggy to his hotel where he used video to record the transformation as it happened.  Shaggy was cleaned up, her dirty dreadlocks shaved off, and almost immediately showed new signs of life.

Hagar, who flew out from Los Angeles to help Shaggy, has rescued thousands of animals but this case was special to him.  “It’s a story really of hope, and I think that’s why people gravitated towards it,” he said.  He hopes that the attention focused on Shaggy’s rescue will inspire more community led efforts to save homeless dogs.  “If we achieve that by showing this one story, it can change the lives of thousands of animals,” said Hagar.

Shaggy has been adopted by Patti Hall, one of the many volunteers that took part in the rescue operation and she plans to keep the public updated on Shaggy’s progress via the Facebook Page “Friends of Shaggy“.  “Being at the rescue and watching her transformation was endearing,” said Hall, adding “Hopefully in a few months we’ll see a total different side of the Shaggy saga.”

Hagar is going to Miami next, where he will help rescue more lucky canines.