Therapy Dog Comforts Child Sex Abuse Victims

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Tilly is a certified therapy dog who spends her days at The Western Slope Center for Children who have been sexually abused. The center sees more than 300 children a year providing therapy, exams, and forensic interviews. Tilly is there to help make the process more comfortable for the children in their time of crisis.

11 thoughts on “Therapy Dog Comforts Child Sex Abuse Victims”

  1. In Yolo County, CA the DA has the use of a therapy dog named Daisy Grace. Daisy sits with young sexual abuse victims as they are interviewed by social workers.

    In other places all over the US some dogs are allowed to sit with victims as they testify in court.

    God bless our four legged co-workers <3

  2. After having plenty of personal experience with various mental health care workers, I can honestly say, the best therapists I’ve ever had, were/are my dogs <3


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