Owner of Murdered Dog Finds Solace in Rescue

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Last month, the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs published the story of Luis Ortiz of Alamo, Texas, who was shocked to find his beloved canine friend Mijo killed brutally near his house. He was denied justice as the police refused to pursue the case allegedly involving a religious minister who admitted killing Mijo, but hid behind a self-defense claim.

Now, Ortiz has found a new source of comfort – and adopted pit named Junior.

Ortiz came to learn of some pit bull puppies born to a mom in another part of his town. The owner was said to be unable to afford raising them, so the pups were in rough shape and were about to be sold.

Ortiz met the owner and adopted one of the pups, while another was adopted by one of his friends. He had to provide immediate care to the pup, 2 to 3 weeks young, who was weak and sick, not vaccinated, and not even strong enough to walk steadily. But now he had a home and a name—Junior.

“I immediately took him to the vet and had him get the vaccinations he needed. Once I brought him home, I feared that he was going to die so I kept a close eye on him,” says Ortiz.

Soon Junior’s coat started looking better, and each day his “skin and bones” frame started to fill in. Now, he is a healthy, happy pup who likes to play with his owner and create some fun, happy moments in the house.

“Now, it is very hard for me to find my boots because he picks them up and then hides them from me. I think he does this because he doesn’t want me to leave the house,” says Ortiz.

He says that his life has been transformed positively by Junior’s arrival as he is still in recovering from the trauma of Mijo’s murder.

“I don’t think I would ever want another pet again. I still miss Mijo very much and think about him every day, and I think Mijo sent Junior to me to save him, while helping me heal too.”

2 thoughts on “Owner of Murdered Dog Finds Solace in Rescue”

  1. Good luck with this little dog. Keep him safe in a fence and when you are not home keep him inside so that no one can get him. He is so cute and I hope that the two of you have a long and happy and healthy life together.

  2. My Buddy who was a pit bull/lab mix was killed in my grandmothers backyard, the fence was paddocked and he was like a guard dog, he was strung up by his chain. We had to keep him on a leash because he was a fence climber. He was very sweet, loved everyone unless you invaded his family’s home/yard. My grandmother woke up on New Years to see him hanging. he was young, loved and will be greatly missed.

    I know I will never stop loving or grieving for him and I am sorry for your loss. They will never be truly safe.


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