Therapy dog in training gets prosthetic paw

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lilyLily is a puppy in training to help people going through rehab. She will soon have an experience that will make her a perfect fit for the job.

Lily, a golden retriever, is missing one of her paws due to a complication that occurred during her birth. This week Lily was fitted for a prosthetic paw. Doctors hope to have Lily’s final prosthetic ready for next week. She then will take some time getting adjusted to her new paw. An experience many patients that Lily will work with in the future will be able to relate to.

Heather Mullin an occupational therapist saw how Lily could be the perfect dog to help her patients, many of which are learning to walk on prosthetics. “For them to be able to see her doing that would be beneficial to them and help them through that process,” said Mullin.

Lily, who is only 11-weeks-old, will officially begin her therapy dog training at six months old. For now she accompanies Mullin to work and is happy to give out kisses to the patients.