Therapy Dog Making Miraculous Recovery After Being Poisoned by Landlord

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7.10.14 - Service Dog Miraculously Recoving After Being Poisoned by Landlord1

The Linebargers are incredibly thankful that their one-year-old therapy dog Willow is alive, which is a miracle after she was poisoned.  Combat veteran Doug and his pregnant wife Katie believe their landlord illegally entered their home and gave their crated dog a lethal dose of Baclofen, a strong muscle relaxer.  But thanks to the generous donations they have received, Willow is recovering and the Linebargers are pursuing justice.

The Warr Acres, Oklahoma couple arrived home on July 7th to find their residence ransacked and Doug’s therapy dog, Willow, covered in urine, drooling and unresponsive.

7.10.14 - Service Dog Miraculously Recoving After Being Poisoned by Landlord4

“Everyone that knows us know that our dogs are our kids. Well, we have been having issues with our landlord harassing us while we are trying to move out [and] last night Doug and I came home to one of our dogs (Willow) barely breathing – almost dead – and we rushed her straight to Neel’s Veterinary at 2 AM,” Katie explained.  “Turns out our landlord went into our home unlawfully while we were gone and poisoned our German shepherd… She is in a coma and in critical condition. Our girl is holding strong but we are devastated and scared of losing her.  However, the vet clinic will not give her the best treatment she deserves until we pay almost $1,700… nor will they let us leave until we pay. If we leave they will put her down. So we aren’t going anywhere.  We have been here since about 2 AM waiting… I don’t usually ask for prayers but please pray for our baby girl. She means the world to us.”

7.10.14 - Service Dog Miraculously Recoving After Being Poisoned by Landlord2

This comes from Doug’s Facebook page:

“To those of you who trust so easily and trust those who work in the public school systems to be kind and protect our children, I want to bring a sad story to your attention. We have been renting from what we thought was a good Christian woman who is a principal in the Oklahoma City Public school system. She is the most soulless, evil woman I have ever met. We have been dealing with her illegally entering our home, walking in on my wife in the shower and constantly driving by. Well, just yesterday this woman, who claims to be a good Christian woman, entered our home unlawfully while we were away and trashed our home and poisoned our fur baby Willow and left her for dead. Not only is she a family member but she is also my service dog that helps me stay calm from PTSD that I suffer from for being a combat veteran.

“Hopefully it isn’t too late for her. We rushed her to Neel Vet Clinic on North MacArthur, where she lies in ICU in very critical condition in a comatose state. Due to the high cost from what the evil woman done to our fur baby she is receiving only minimal treatment because we are in the middle of moving and don’t have the funds to get better treatment. Hats off to Warr Acres PD for doing the best they can but she should be exposed and justice needs to be served for what she does to harmless animals. She is pure evil and should not be free of the charges and should not be a leader of children in the public school system. Our baby is barely hanging on and we need help to right the wrongs and we are not looking for a hand out but any help would be greatly appreciated. Willow is our baby and family and she should suffer the consequences of her evil ways.”

7.10.14 - Service Dog Miraculously Recoving After Being Poisoned by Landlord7

Thankfully, support and donations came flooding in for the Lineburgers, and after having either Katie or Doug camped out at the vet’s at all times, enough money was raised to get Willow the treatments she will need to survive.

“As far as a Willow update she is walking! And eating! She has walked outside on a leash – she is still a little drunk and she is a little freaked out about her surroundings of course and has some pretty bad anxiety and she is having issues with her right eye and may not have vision in it,” Katie said.  “But she is following her commands, like ‘sit’ and ‘lay down,’ which is awesome.  However, she has had enough of the vet messing with her and won’t really let them do very much testing right now to see any long term effects… Also thanks everyone for all of your help and support! We are still staying positive as can be. We have had so many generous donations and have exceeded Willow’s vet bills, and the extra money will be donated to the Bella Foundation. Thank you so much for all of your love and support for our fur baby.  We still aren’t sure about a full recovery, but things are definitely looking up for her.”

7.10.14 - Service Dog Miraculously Recoving After Being Poisoned by Landlord3

There is an ongoing investigation of the landlord, who has not yet been named.

“She has already been charged for unlawful entry twice before and the police have told her if she is caught here again she will go to jail,” Katie said.  “There wasn’t forced entry – the police said it was someone with a key that had to have come in.  Not to mention, our neighbors witnessed her vehicle in our driveway the night this all happened.”



UPDATE:  Willow is home and resting.    (7/10/14   11:00 pm)


42 thoughts on “Therapy Dog Making Miraculous Recovery After Being Poisoned by Landlord”

  1. Really? Why doesn’t anyone ever consider that the vet offices require payment to be able to OFFER life saving medicine? Why doesn’t anyone ever think about how the vets and staff have bills to pay? Where do you think the medicine and equipment comes from? A handout??? No. Money made from paying clients. Everyone expects free handouts. It’s the owners responsibility to have the funds to care for their pets. Neel is an amazing hospital, with many of the most animal loving people I have ever met. Shame on y’all. If you think it’s so wrong go pay the damn bill yourself.

    • Hey Jennie. Hope you find yourself in a really bad situation some day without the means to pay. Maybe you’ll get it.

      • I’m sure they do have bills to pay. However, telling them if they leave without payment that they will put their dog down is wrong! Give them a few hours at the least if not a day to get the funds together! Don’t threaten the life of their dog because you don’t happen to have 1,700 at the time!

        • They didn’t, they asked for a deposit which is 100% appropriate thing do. If funds aren’t available then euthanasia should be offered as a humane alternative. If you have pets then you should have money for them set aside because all pet owners should know that emergencies happen all the time!

      • That’s a hateful thing to wish on someone. Jennie us right! Its not the vets responsibility to pay for everyones pets when they can’t afford it. Just ignorant to think that’s how the world works!

        • Hey Nadia and Jennie – The poor guy is a veteran with PSTD. He served to ensure you had your freedom and the ability to do things like post your opinion on this blog. Putting the dog down in this situation is the wrong thing to do. They are in the middle of trying to move and simply don’t have the funds available. Have neither of you ever been in that situation in your life??? What consideration are you two giving to the poor gentleman who needs the therapy dog or the poor dog who was poisoned by the psycho landlord? I for one am glad they got the donations and were able to help their dog. Nadia, I see you work at a pet clinic. Compassion doesn’t seem to be your strong suite. Maybe a career change for you, eh?

          • Don’t you dare question my compassion! My whole life and love revolves around taking care of animals. My compassion for ignorant people blaming other people for things that are not there fault or their responsibility, however, does not go too deep! And I also have much love for our military and veterans. And if you actually had the facts, the owners are actually pleased and grateful for the vet for treating their dog under the circumstances. I feel like if you are going to have a pet, you need to make sure that you can afford not only preventative care but emergency care if needed. That is responsibility when you take any life in you care. And it absolutely infuriates me when the vet gets blamed and bashed for requiring payment. Until vets can get government funding then sadly, yes we do have to turn away sick pets and offer humane euthanasia if that is the best option then suffering for the animal. Sadly this is the real world and trust me, you would never be able to look at people the same after you have seen what I have in my 12 years in this field! And you wouldn’t dare question my compassion ever!

    • First of all you shouldn’t be a vet if you can’t help all animals. Sometimes a person has to do the right thing, MONEY OR NO MONEY…….IT’S CALLED DOING A GOOD DEED.Now a day a doctor thinks your going to pay their house or car payment for services….NO ON BECOMES A DR ANYMORE BECAUSE THE CARE ABOUT PEOPLE, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY !!!!There is no excuse for what they charge and money or not a real dr WOULD GIVE THE BEST TREATMENT AND NOT LOOK AT THIS POOR DOG SUFFERING BECAUSE HIS FAMILY DOESN’T HAVE THOUSANDS …I can tell you stories . And this dirt-bag needs to be in prison where the nut case belongs………..WAKE-UP VETS !

    • Linebarger is a professional parasite.Nice tat,how much did that cost.Sell your SUV and pay your bills.

    • What they should do is have the landlord pay for all the medical bills for Willow. After all she is the person who caused Willow to be in this condition. She should also be put in jail for what she did.

  2. I’m sure they do have bills to pay. However, telling them if they leave without payment that they will put their dog down is wrong! Give them a few hours at the least if not a day to get the funds together! Don’t threaten the life of their dog because you don’t happen to have 1,700 on you at the time!

  3. Jenni you must be the landlord that poisoned this poor dog. One day you will be in the same situation someway somehow and you’ll realise that a little help goes along way (not handouts). I’m also sure that the owner of the dog who is a combat veteran has given back to society by serving in the military that a little help is the least he can ask for.

  4. Absolutely makes my blood boil when people blame vet hospitals for them not being able to afford treatment!!! It is a business and not government funded!!!

  5. I have read the comments from all and there are valid points to be made in both cases – however, this man is an ex service man and that should count for a whole lot. The vet is cold hearted no ands, buts or ifs. He could have cut him some slack. These people who owned the dog, aren’t looking for handouts or free care – they just didn’t have $1,700 to put down at that moment – 2 a.m. in the morning – what bank is open?

    I wouldn’t bring my dog any where near that clinic – where is their compassion? They don’t have any. I’ll bet you a million dollars and then some, the vet could have footed the bill personally, not that he should, but he could have. The dog was poisoned and I hope the landlord goes to jail. Two wrongs do not make a right. Bottom line, shame on the vet – karma – think about it. What goes around comes around and someday he may just find himself in a position where he needs some emergency care –

    I am just happy the dog is doing as well as he can right now. The dog is a SUPPORT dog – a great companion to the man. The vet in question here lacks all character and should not be a vet – I sometimes wonder if people who are that unfeeling treat their family in the same manner – don’t tell me he is a kind caring man.

    • You are exactly right. Even in a case where someone does have that thousand+ stashed away for emergencies, being able to access it immediately at any hour is not typical. Many have them in savings accounts, and cannot simply write a check or swipe a card at a moment’s notice.

      They need to be able to withdraw or transfer the funds, which not all banks allow you to do at all hours of the night. If what the family describes of not being allowed to leave on threat of the dog being euthanized is indeed true, then I do feel that particular staff was out of line.

      I know some require a deposit to begin treatment, but those amounts are more realistic to what the typical person could put down without prior notice.

  6. You can’t give away treatment for every sad case that comes in! It just doesn’t work that way. And if you people don’t think that people in the vet field don’t go home and cry or drink thinking about the sad shit that they see everyday then you guys truly are sheltered from the horrors that we face everyday! If I could pay for every cute parvo puppy or sweet hit by car that I fell in love with, I would. But this is reality…and my compassion on cases like this is making sure that if the baby has to be euthanized due to lack of funds that I will be there until his last breath, telling him I love him and sorry that I can’t help him. And trust me….the heartache doesn’t die with the patient…

    • Oh my god, please step off your soap box. Nobody is demanding free treatment here, we’re just shocked at the story relating that the vet office would not allow them to even leave to arrangement payment. It is not unusual for emergency funds to be in a savings account or otherwise not as simple to access as writing a check or whipping out a card.

      It isn’t unreasonable to expect full payment before returning the dog. It is to say “We’ll euthanize your dog if you leave”. If that indeed did happen, then it isn’t wrong to wonder why the family wasn’t even allowed to leave to start putting payment together.

    • So, you are basically killing family pets, because they can’t immediately pay for treatment.

      How compassionate of you.

      “No money ?”

      “Okay, now you die”


      • Yes. That’s exactly how it works. An after hours vet clinic (aka Pet Emergency Clinic) is extremely expensive and you can expect to be asked for 500 to 1000 UP FRONT before any treatment is provided. Walk into an emergency clinic and ask how many people walk in and are informed of the exam fee alone and choose to euthanize after hearing it will cost 150 or 200 dollars. The vet is there to make a living not give away services for charity. And for those who are saying “but they would have gotten the money and paid it later” ask the vet how many times they heard that particular song before they started asking for money up front!

  7. And that vet in question by the way, treated 10 tornado victims last year free of charge. That’s compassion if you ask me.


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