These Dogs Were Tortured – Help Find Their Abusers!

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We know our fans hate to see stories of horrific abuse – it’s often too painful to see the photos because your compassion causes your heart to break for these innocent dogs. But for their sake, help find their torturers and bring them to justice!

9.22.13 - Justice for Tortured Souls3
Puppy Doe


Staff at the Animal Rescue League in Boston were devastated by the condition they found Puppy Doe in. The white and brindle pit bull was starved, burned, beaten, stabbed in the right eye, her tongue was split, and her limbs had been “drawn,” something that can only be described as medieval-style torture. This happened over a period of weeks or months – possibly the majority of her entire life. The injuries this 18-pound girl endured were so severe that the highly saddened and disturbed staff felt to best to end her suffering and send her over the Rainbow Bridge, but not before showing her the love that she deserved to know throughout the rest of her life. Her original owner had to rehome her, and has now learned a very painful lesson about putting a “free to a good home” ad on Craigslist. Police are looking for the person(s) responsible for abusing and abandoning Puppy Doe on a street in Quincy, MA, and a reward of $7,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of them. Please call ARL of Boston at 617-226-5610, Quincy Police Detective Thomas Pepdjonovich at 617-745-5774, or email [email protected].





The Houston SPCA is looking for the person responsible for neglecting or purposely abusing a seven-week-old puppy. The tiny chow mix, now being called Sapphire, was heard whimpering in the bushes on Kingwood and Garden Oaks Drive near a Starbucks in Houston. A harness had been strapped so tightly around her wee body that it embedded itself into her tender skin. A maggot-infested infection was the result. She is also visually impaired, but is being treated and is expected to recover. Anyone with information should call 713-869-7722 or contact the Houston SPCA.



Sugar Ray
Sugar Ray


Sugar Ray was another badly neglected dog that died just hours after coming into Liberty Animal Clinic in Ozone Parky, NY. His rescuers believe that he had been starved indoors over an extended period of time before being tossed outside like yesterday’s garbage. It was obvious that he had been someone’s pet, because he had been neutered. His internal organs were too badly deprived of nutrients, and they gave out shortly after he was saved. If you know who is responsible for the sadistic murder of this dog, please call 347-722-5939.


9.22.13 - Justice for Tortured Souls4
Princess P came into the Lucas County Dog Warden with a collar so deeply embedded in her neck that her face ballooned. Her lymph system and veins were cut off and fluid accumulated around her head. The Toledo Area Humane Society has been caring for her, and the swelling has gone down considerably. She remains ever sweet and ready to make a new friend. If you can help find the person who did this to her, please call 419-891-9777.


We know our fans would never harm animals the way these dogs have been, but please share, because you never know who of your friends may be friends with someone who would.




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  1. I have gotten two dogs for free off criaglist and I did nothing but love them. One was covered in flees and the other has people anxiety because he was kept in a cage too long. Not everyone on craigslist is a bad person who abuses animals.

    • This is true. But you just don’t know do you? You just have to be careful if you are going to find a home for a pet that way.

    • The problem is you don’t know who IS a monster and who isn’t. The monsters don’t announce themselves as such when they answer the ad. No doubt they come disguised as loving, caring individuals so happy to have a chance for a FREE pet. Only a fool advertises free dogs, cats, ANY living thing on Craigslist (or anywhere else for that matter) – It’s just plain stupid and unthinking. If people can’t afford the shelter fee, then they most likely can’t afford upkeep on an animal in the first place.

    • this may be true ; but there are other ways for you to get a dog ,go to a shelter or keep an eye out in the newspaper. people take these free dogs on craigslist and torture them or use them for bait in dog fighting. this stuff has got to stop and the law isn’t going to stop it , so we the public is going to have to wise up and stop it our selfs

    • If you were not thoroughly checked out, than the person giving the dogs away was taking a stupid chance. Most (but not all) of the abusers are men.

  2. What is wrong with people!! These stories are horrific. Wish we could find the people responsible and do the same to them!

  3. Kristina, I think a good person put their pet on Craigslist, thinking another good person would take the pet and care for it as they did, when all they wanted was some living thing to torture. They’re saying be careful when you have to let your pet go!

  4. I think everyone needs to stop using Craigs List!!!! This is the place abusers and hateful people come to look for things. I Will NEVER use Craigs LIST. I have heard to many awful things about it!!!!!!” Just Sayin”

  5. These stories and photos make me sick!
    But as sick as they make me, I’m not
    sure if anyone is ever prosecuted. I never hear
    reports that John Doe has been sentenced
    to prison for 10 years for the injuries he
    and suffering he caused some poor animal.
    I want it published , I want the the sickos
    Photo published and i want to know that he
    or she is now suffering in some way. I want them
    to be punished severely and I want to know they
    are being held accountable. Not just a slap on the hand.
    You can be sure that if the general public was
    allowed to take care of the situation without
    fear of retribution it would stop.


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