They Honked and It Worked!

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Former Deputy Dog Warden Bobbi Glass, left, and Terri McGaughey celebrate after commissioners agreed to end the use of the gas chambers.

In a follow-up to the story on August 9th, Protestors Urge Ban on Gas Chambers, Fairfield County, PA, commissioners voted to end the use of the gas chambers in county shelters. Commissioner Mike Kiger said, “I’ve always had an open mind on this issue. I always look at all the pieces and parts in trying to make the best informed choice I can.” All three commissioners voted to start using lethal injection.

The HSUS will assist the county as it moves to using the new method and until the process is complete, any dog that must be euthanized will be taken to a vet.

Phoebe Besse, one of the protestors at last week’s hearing, said, “I think it’s the first step to a brighter future. We needed to do this. We’ve got a couple more things to change, but if they’re willing to work with us we can make it great.”

Area residents are now asking the commissioners to allow volunteers to help bathe and walk the dogs, and Kiger has agreed that the commissioners will discuss that new request.