They Honked and It Worked!

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Former Deputy Dog Warden Bobbi Glass, left, and Terri McGaughey celebrate after commissioners agreed to end the use of the gas chambers.

In a follow-up to the story on August 9th, Protestors Urge Ban on Gas Chambers, Fairfield County, PA, commissioners voted to end the use of the gas chambers in county shelters. Commissioner Mike Kiger said, “I’ve always had an open mind on this issue. I always look at all the pieces and parts in trying to make the best informed choice I can.” All three commissioners voted to start using lethal injection.

The HSUS will assist the county as it moves to using the new method and until the process is complete, any dog that must be euthanized will be taken to a vet.

Phoebe Besse, one of the protestors at last week’s hearing, said, “I think it’s the first step to a brighter future. We needed to do this. We’ve got a couple more things to change, but if they’re willing to work with us we can make it great.”

Area residents are now asking the commissioners to allow volunteers to help bathe and walk the dogs, and Kiger has agreed that the commissioners will discuss that new request.



6 thoughts on “They Honked and It Worked!”

  1. The state that this happened in is not PA…it was OHIO. Where they continue to have counties that are still utilizing gas chambers for euthanasia.

  2. I live in England and have never heard or this and cant b glelieve that this happens. Im glad that people are fighting to stop this.

    • You live in the UK. Just go to a couple of shelters there. Ask them for the records of how they put the dogs to sleep.? You won’t belive what goes on.! Oh the great British way! I should no.! I did the work for my paper there. B S. We are a sick human race for the way we treat our animals.! May be if we sent the Queen in to a couple of the RSPCA center’s we just might get some were.? Good luck.! Investigate.! Do not stop.!!! All dogs need our help.!!!!

    • It doesn’t really matter what state it happened in, the fact is that it is happening and it shouldn’t be. I don’t care if it was the UK, the US or wherever – it shouldn’t be happening!

      In California, we passed a law requiring dogs and cats to be neutered/spayed and it is saving thousands of lives and needless, horrible deaths. Instead of complaining about what state it’s in, get off your duffs and get the same law passed.

      My only hope is that years from now, we’ll look back and think about how barbaric we were as a country when we killed millions of homeless dogs and cats a day.

  3. They are killing dogs not euthanizing them, please correct the misleading headline. These are adoptable dogs for the most part. They are not near death or suffering pain, they are often young and just in need of training. And of course there is discrimination against some breeds. Euthanasia means ‘good death’ and I can’t see that killing young adoptable dogs is a good death and it confuses the public when they take their dog to the vet to say the last good bye.

    I can’t believe they don’t allow volunteers in to help. We are trying to get gas chambers banned in Michigan as well. Great work but don’t stop there! Educate the publlic and get dogs/cats neutered and spayed. Responsible owners are the best defense. Get dogs off chains and out of breeding kennels.

    There was a story about a Ohio ‘shelter’ that was throwing live dogs in the incinerator. Ohio also has a huge problem with dog auctions, killing dogs using heartstick and unregulated commercial breeders (Holmes county comes to mind). There is a lot of political pressure by those that profit from dog breeding to leave things alone. Apparently they don’t care what horrible means they use to get money which is just indicative of the sick society we live in that puts profits before all else.


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