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This Dog Knows How to Perfectly Pose for Pictures

by Melanie

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11.18.15 - Perfect Photos, Every Time


Trying to take the perfect photo of your dog can be incredibly difficult and frustrating (it’s a total nightmare with cats).  Sure, they look perfect when they’re lying on your lap and your camera is 10 feet away, but when you’ve got your phone handy and start snapping away, they somehow wind up looking like the creature from the black lagoon in half of the shots.  This dog knows just what to do, and it’s downright adorable.



#拍照笑一個 來嘛!別繃著臉,拍照要笑一個呀 :)來自用戶@Dior、迪奥

Posted by 美拍 on Tuesday, November 17, 2015



Of course, it’s just a matter of training, but if only your kids and friends were able to pose for photos this quickly and easily!