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This Dog’s Nose Knows When His Favorite Human has Returned Home

by Fred

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Dog noses are amazing things.  We see them used in airport security and police patrols, sniffing out drugs, bombs and even saving lives after a disaster, and some dogs even have special sniffers that can detect things in humans like a spike in blood sugar or an oncoming seizure!  Dogs and smells just go hand-in-paw so to speak, and they say a dog NEVER forgets a smell.  Especially the smell of their favorite human.

In this heartwarming video, we can see a dog being let back into the house from being outside.  Things seem to be normal, but if you watch the dog carefully, you can see at one point, the dog picks up on something.  Someone is in the house!  But where…?

It doesn’t take the dog very long to find out what the deal is.  He seems to literally walk into a room and sniff around.  It’s almost as if he’s saying, “I know you’re around here, somewhere… I will find out!”  Once the dog sees that his favorite human, that has been away with the military for a while, is finally home, he goes NUTS!  What a sweet reaction, and that has got to be just one the best greetings that someone could get!  The dog is so excited, he’s standing on the edge of the bed announcing that the favorite and badly missed human family member is home, and all is well!


8.20.16 - welcome home