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THIS Is Why Dogs Need Heartworm Medication!

by Melanie

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While there is controversy over the safety of heartworm medications like Trifexis, there is no arguing that heartworms are a killer of many dogs.  We ask that you please share this message so all dog owners, especially those who have their dogs outdoors a lot, are aware of how important it is to give their pets medication that will prevent painful and unnecessary deaths.


6.1.16 - THIS Is Why Dogs Need Heartworm Medication1


This comes from Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans:


Yes….this is a horribly graphic picture. But let me give you the visual that you did not get to see but need to share with others. This dog was turned into us today and within a couple of hours, he began to throw up massive amounts of blood.

We got him into the back of Mariah2’s vehicle and one of our other workers, Donnie jumped in with this dog, cradling him in his lap trying to console him as they raced off to the vet. They only got a few miles down the road before this dog’s heart gave out, Donnie covered in blood like a murder scene as he took his last breath and Donnie desperately tried to give him CPR.

They continued on their way to the vet, dead dog laying in Donnie’s lap, blood splattered all over the back of the vehicle, Donnie’s arms, hands, legs, face……are you picturing this yet???

Our vet opened this poor dog up and this is what she found. His heart surrounded by hundreds of heartworms. I know… feel like throwing up right now. This photo is disgusting, right??? Well imagine how our workers and my kids feel each day as we are exposed to this. Shelters and rescues around the country see these same things as well.

Share this photo. Shove it in their face. For a few damn dollars a month……you wouldn’t be having nightmares tonight

Rest In Peace Banner.