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This loyal dog wouldn’t budge from the road. There was a good reason why.

by Amy Drew

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Tow truck driver, Martin Hall, Jr. and his family have been receiving lots of love and thanks from the community after helping an elderly man who had fallen and been injured.

But it’s not just Hall who helped the man out. One of his dogs did the job of “flagging” Hall down.

Hall had been heading out to a call in Mariposa, CA, near the town of Coulterville, when he came across the black dog sitting in the middle of the dirt road. A retractable leash was attached to the pup’s collar. Hall caught the whole encounter on video using his phone.

“I found this dog with a leash on it he won’t come to me,” said Hall.

Perplexed, but seemingly aware that something wasn’t quite right, the tow truck driver tried to feed the dog his peanut butter and jelly
sandwich and share his water but he had no luck.

“That sucks this dog doesn’t come to me, dogs likes me sometimes,” said Hall.

Hall was concerned. The dog was out in the middle of nowhere. But he noticed some clues littered in the nearby brush.

“There was a flashlight on the roadway and a trail here,” said Hall.

As Hall continued to investigate, the dog still wasn’t warming up. It lay back down in the middle of the road and wouldn’t budge an inch. It was about this time that Hall heard yelling coming from the nearby woods. He yelled back, then went to check things out.

A short walk from the road and he discovered an elderly man laying in the dirt. Another dog was by his side.

“What’s your dogs name?” Hall asked.

“Chico,” said the man.

Chico had been protecting his owner since the fall. Meanwhile, the other pup had wandered onto the roadway, seemingly waiting for a passerby who might be able to help. The dogs’ owner had fallen down an embankment and broken a hip. He had been lying in the brush for 10 hours before Hall happened upon them all. It was pure luck, too, as Hall had only happened down that particular road by accident.

Help was called. The man was rescued. And while Hall was certainly instrumental in making sure that happened, it was the loyalty of a dog who refused to budge that prompted the action.