This Video Proves the True Nature of Pit Bulls

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Everyone should see this video. People are so misinformed about Pit Bulls and often say that they are a “vicious” breed.

Pit Bulls can be just as loving as any other breed if they are raised in a worm and loving environment.

As it turns out- they can be great dancers too.

Enjoy the video!

35 thoughts on “This Video Proves the True Nature of Pit Bulls”

  1. OMG loved this! I’ve met many Pitbulls and loved them all. All of the ones I’ve met (about 10) have been the best behaved dogs ever and gorgeous!

  2. The only people claiming that are the, whiny cry baby anti everything nosy drama god liberal morons.

  3. They are no different than any other canine. They just have to be treated humanely and trained. This video is a beautiful example of a well loved, well trained dog!


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