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UPDATE: Dog Stolen During Home Invasion in Boston Returned

by Fred

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Back in July, Katie was stolen from her family when their house was broken into.  All appeals to the thief’s conscience seemingly had no effect.  It took solid detective work by police and many hours of intense investigation to bring her home, but the Samuelson family can’t believe they have their Katie back.

“It’s everybody’s prayers I believe that brought this back to a happy ending,” said Lori Samuelson.  “We were just so worried that he was going to toss her on the side of the road or something like that.”

Following a recent rash of home invasions and burglaries in the same area, police from several departments got together to get to the bottom of things.  Some items and jewelry reported missing from the Samuelson’s home had started to turn up at pawn shops in Sudbury, Mass.  This helped to identify Hector Torres as a prime suspect in the robberies.

The final nail in Torres’ coffin was his Facebook page.  It contained some photos of himself at a lake picnic, with a dog that looked an awful lot like Katie.  Another officer recalled seeing Katie during a different investigation involving one of Torres’ friends.

Search warrants were issued, and thanks to the hard work of the Boston police, Katie was found.  She had been found living with a lady in New Hampshire that had no clue that the dog was stolen.

“She’s the spunk in our family,” said Eric Samuelson.  “She’s five pounds of spunk.  It’s great to have her back.”